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Matrix Terahertz

Matrix Terahertz

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Matrix Terahertz waves resonate at the same frequency as body cells 

In the 1980s, scientists discovered a type of light that has the same vibration frequency as normal cells—terahertz waves. Its radiation is only 1/40 of sunlight, which is very safe.

  Comparison between normal cells and terahertz waves

Seven functions of terahertz waves

1. Dredge the meridians

Terahertz light waves open up the meridians in the human body, stimulate menstrual energy, and dredge the meridians. After the meridians of the human body are unblocked, the cold and dampness in the body is removed and the acid-base balance of the human body is promoted. Then the blood vessels and diseases will not be affected, the spirit will be peaceful, and the purpose of curing diseases and keeping fit will be achieved.

2. Promote blood circulation

After terahertz light waves penetrate into the human body, they can dilate blood vessels, reduce blood flow resistance and blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, increase the ability to store oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide, and have miraculous effects on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Activate nerves and cells

It can increase human metabolism, provide fresh nutrients to cells, increase energy absorption by cell mucous membranes, adjust the balance of human cells, activate and improve a variety of enzymes, and enhance material metabolism and energy metabolism. It can quickly kill mutated cells, open meridians, activate dormant cells, strengthen, repair and soften damaged cells. It inhibits cell mutation and has significant curative effect in treating all diseases caused by cell lesions. (Broken bones cannot be treated)

4. Regulate the digestive system and eliminate fatigue

Terahertz thermal energy light waves have a regulatory effect on a variety of endocrine glands and can regulate organs controlled by endocrine glands. During the treatment process, it can stimulate the excitement of endorphins in the body and eliminate fatigue at the same time.

5. Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

Terahertz thermal energy light waves can increase the number of white blood cells and achieve sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects. When light waves are injected into nerves, they relieve various types of pain caused by excessive nerve tension.

6. Purify the body

Due to the accelerated blood circulation, acidic substances in the body are quickly metabolized and eliminated, making the blood alkaline, catabolizing cholesterol, triglycerides and other substances adhering to the blood vessel walls, and improving the internal environment.

7. Activate dormant cells, Remove blood waste, Promote metabolism.

The magical terahertz waves have even been rated by the US government as one of the "top ten technologies that will change the world's health in the future."

Product Description

The Matrix Terahertz treatment device uses the energy of Tahez Po. Its working principle is to transmit and receive the Taihez wave to pass the electromagnetic wave of this specific frequency to the human tissue and interact with the cells.
Matrix Terahertz is considered to affect the metabolism, repair and regulation mechanism of cells during the treatment to promote health and recovery.

* Awakens the body's absorptive capacity and relaxes the muscles.

* Strengthens healthy cells and triggers dormant cells. Help the body repair itself.

* Regulate endocrine disorders. Improve microcirculation and remove water from the body.

* Helps open internal circulation and filter out debris.


Power: ≤300w
Work noise: ≤65dB
Voltage: 110V(US plug)
Frequency: 50HZ
Radio frequency distance: 20-30CM
Range of use for 2rd gear: 1st gear-100℃, 2nd gear-110℃.







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