Collection: Video Computer Psychological Analysis and Correction

Video-computer psychoanalysis is based on the definition of functional asymmetry of the two hemispheres of the brain. Based on the photo or video uploaded, the computer evaluates the difference between the angles of facial features on the left and right side (hemisphere).

The dominance of one of the hemispheres of the brain. Meaning the difference between the amplitudes of oscillatory processes in the left and right hemispheres.

The degree of coherence of these oscillatory processes with each other.

Based on these values the computer determines:
  • the psychological state
  • psychological and professional features
  • behavior in extreme situations
  • the perception of time
  • psychological compatibility
  • the probability of psychosomatic disorders
  • recommendations for harmonization

Reducing the coherence and lack of dominance of one of the hemispheres increases the probability of all psychosomatic disorders. The dominance of the right hemisphere is more likely to result in spasms of smooth muscles and related psychosomatic disorders - cardiovascular system (GMI, CHD), gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, stomach ulcers), and pulmonary system (asthma). The left hemisphere dominance can lead to spasms of skeletal muscles and related psychosomatic disorders - muscle pain, and convulsive readiness with further consequences.

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If you are interested in a Video-Computer Psycho-Analysis you can send a photograph to our
email address:
or text it to 917-776-5410
(no selfies)
How to place an order:
Take a photo from the front and as straight as possible
Eyes looking straight into the lens
The size of the photo should be a minimum of 300 X 500 pix
Submit the photograph via e-mail
Receive your Face Psychological Analysis within 2 to 3 days

For VCP correction you would need to contact our office at 917-776-5410 to schedule a session in person or remotely over Zoom or FaceTime.