Collection: NLS Matrix Decoder for Pets

We have created one of the most advanced full-body scan technologies. We use a specialized method called NLS Matrix Decoder to analyze the symptoms and bacteria in the human body and create protocols to help treat them accordingly.

Because of such success, we had inquiries about Pets (dogs, cats, etc.)

Our pets can't talk back to us to tell us how they feel or what they need.
Today, we can analyze Bones, Organs, and even their psychological and emotional state with this same technology. Then, after identifying the issue, we can recommend the best treatment for your pets, such as creating dietary plans, developing homeopathic therapies, and even recommending what to look out for in the future.
If you cannot come in person, we can provide remote sessions, as mentioned above, with hair samples, and you can join the session on FaceTime or via Zoom; as the technology evolves, we are also growing.

If you want to learn more or have any additional questions, contact us
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What is included in the NLS Matrix Decoder scan?

1. The NLS Matrix Decoder scan includes a full energy body scan of all organs on a cellular level, Meta-Therapy for signal correction to balance energy levels to their optimum state, and the possibility of receiving a homeopathic remedy if necessary by the scan results.

2. The benefits of undergoing the NLS Matrix Decoder scan are numerous, including the ability to determine the energetic condition of the organs, balance them to their optimal state, increase overall energy levels, and achieve a sense of harmony within the body.

3. The duration of the meta-therapy session varies for each individual as it depends on the specific condition of their body, making it difficult to provide an exact timeframe for how long the therapy will last.

4. an entire session, which includes the scan and meta-therapy, typically lasts around 60 minutes. This allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the body's energetic state and the necessary corrections during therapy.

5. For any further inquiries or additional questions regarding the NLS Matrix Decoder scan and its benefits, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office via email at or by phone