MATRIX Electromagnetic Harmonizer /Neutralizer
- The New MATRIX Electromagnetic Harmonizer is designed to safeguard individuals from the potential harmful effects of electronic devices such as phones, TVs, computers, and microwaves.

- By harmonizing the Electromagnetic Frequencies emitted by these devices, the Harmonizer effectively breaks down and neutralizes the harmful frequencies, ensuring a safer environment for users.

- With its advanced technology, the Harmonizer acts as a protective shield, mitigating the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation, thus promoting overall well-being and peace of mind.
When an organism is exposed to EMF over a long period of time the biological effect of EMF can accumulate, sometimes causing remote consequences such as degenerative illness of the central nervous system as well as hormonal and oncologist illness.
The electromagnetic radiation emitted by a mobile telephone is received not only by the base station receiver but also by the users body-primarily the head.

MATRIX Electromagnetic Harmonizer / Neutralizer

MATRIX Electromagnetic Harmonizer / Neutralizer

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When one uses a mobile telephone, changes in the bioelectric activity of the brain are so significant that they can be called a local electromagnetic storm.

According to research: using a mobile telephone more than 7-11 hours a week causes functional changes in the human organism; using a PC monitor for over 3-5 hours every day for a period of 6-8 years can lead to pathological impairment of vision, the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and the immune system.

Over many years, attempts have been made to create devices such as protective screens to reduce the negative effects of the man-caused electromagnetic fields. However, there is no real protection from the electromagnetic radiation emitted by household appliances, computer equipment, and radiotelephones.
The bioelectric activity of the human brain presents aggregate activity of nervous cells, nervous pathways, and the surrounding cells-but mostly the postsynaptic potentials. A synapse is where information is transmitted from one cell to another.

While interacting between one another, nervous elements generate a certain pattern of electric oscillations that are produced at different points on the surface of the brain. These oscillations have very low amplitude-of several tens of micro volts.

NLS Matrix Decoder for Pets Online Session

We have created one of the most advanced full-body scan technologies.
We use a specialized method called NLS Matrix Decoder to analyze the symptoms and bacteria in the human body and create protocols to help to treat them accordingly.
Because of such success, we had inquiries about Pets (dogs, cats, etc.)
Our pets can't talk back to us to tell us how they feel or what they need.
Today with this same technology, we can analyze Bones, Organs, and even their psychological and emotional state. Then, after identifying the issue, we can recommend the best treatment for your pets, such as creating dietary plans, developing homeopathic therapies, and even recommending what to look out for in the future.
If you cannot come in person, we can provide remote sessions, as mentioned above, with hair samples, and you can join the session on face time or via Zoom; as the technology evolves, we are also growing.

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