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What is ARDK?
Automatic ReflexoDiagnostic Komplex is a functional test that uses the Ryodoraku or Nakatani method. Computerized testing using Ryodoraku is a proven methods of functional diagnostics.
Ryodoraku means a line of high electrical conductivity. In 1950, Japanese doctor Yoshio Nakatani discovered these lines, which overlap with the meridians of classic acupuncture. Based on traditional Chinese medicine he developed an idea of examination of the human body from bioactive points (BAPs). Nakatani used 12 major meridians bilaterally, generating an analysis of how energy moves in major organs. The data obtained is then processed using special software and projects results on the computer screen.

The development of ARDK in the 1960s to the present was to devise a rapid method of health profiling, with maximum information for the Russian military and preventive screening for the general population with high reliability and low cost.
The statistical evaluation of clinical data collected from 1977 to 1991 in various health institutions was done by scientists, doctors, and experts using modern scientific methods.
In the mid-1990s, Taiwan added more information to the existing data, and improved the program, taking into account the peculiarities of eastern and western medicine.
Accurate – up to 95%, backed up by 50 years of extensive evidence-based research and a large database.
Unique Experience
Efficient – identifies the stage of imbalance on very early stage (latent form) when classic/conventional tests are still inconclusive. Shows changes in the body, response to treatment while treatment is ongoing.
Safe – painless, non-invasive, non-radioactive, safe for pregnant women and children (used by Pediatricians in Russia).
Forecasts – shows probable underlying causes, detects imbalances before symptoms appear.
Comprehensive – gives detailed health information about the whole body including the psych-emotional status.
Portable – first-class health examination anywhere, results are stored on the server and can be retrieved anywhere online.
User-friendly – multilingual, assistants can easily learn to do the test and doctors analyze the data.
Flexible–functional medical diagnostics, psycho-emotional assessment for manpower resourcing, can be used by both western medicine practitioners and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.
Evolving – continuous research and upgrading.
Can be used for monitoring and for research purposes.