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About the Technology “Spinor “series “Air" 

Series " Air" – is a source of low-level background waves and electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF) range.

EHF affects the body as a whole, consistently improving the condition of the tissue cells of organs.

EHF waves regulate the distribution of the energy required for normal metabolism of the body, which eventually leads to an increase in physical performance.

Due to the impact of waves on the resonant frequencies of the EHF cellular structures is a weakening or complete inhibition of pathological oscillations and increased physiological fluctuations, as well as restoration of dynamic equilibrium in the body of the sick person.

EHF waves reduces the adverse effects of electromagnetic waves on human blood ( splits the clusters , which are formed under the influence of electromagnetic waves , prevents vasospasm , improves the flow of oxygen to the blood and increases the conclusion of toxic substances).

 About AIR 

 ”AIR” will not create a protective shield around the person or reducing cell phone waves. Its mechanism of action is simple. It is based on the property EHF waves “tidy up “the structure of liquid media, “blurring “effect produced by the surrounding electromagnetic field.

“AIR” is a device recommended for use in any environment: at home, at work, in a way, in sporting activities, a tourist trip.

 Air unit is designed to protect people from the consequences of the adverse effects of man-made electromagnetic fields, as well as other adverse factors.

The device will not protect you from harmful influences. It can only help the body cope with the consequences of this action.

Indications for use of the “Air"

~ Syndrome of the nervous system ~ Syndrome of the reproductive system ~ Stress ~ Cardiovascular syndrome

Electromagnetic aggressors:

• Power lines • Wiring (inside buildings) • Appliances (microwaves) • PCs • TV and radio transmitting stations

• Satellite and cellular communications (devices, repeaters) • Electro transport • Radar installations, metro, trolley buses, elevators

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