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Spinor Mini

1. Purpose 

 1.1. The portable EHF-IR therapy apparatus with changeable Spinor oscillators (hereinafter “apparatus with changeable therapeutic oscillators”), is intended for the treatment of patients with low intensity and background electromagnetic energy in Extremely High Frequency (EHF) and infrared (IR) ranges when used on biologically active points of the body and areas of the skin. 

1.2. The apparatus and removable therapeutic oscillators can be used in a wide range of medical and prophylactic establishments, both individually under doctor's direction in inpatient or outpatient settings and also as a means of self- and mutual help. 

1.3. The apparatus can be used in premises with an ambient temperature of between +10 and +35 oС and relative humidity of no more than 80 % at +25 oС. 

1.4. The portable apparatus runs off an internal power supply and is intended for inpatient use. 

 2. Technical Specifications 

2.1. The apparatus consists of the control unit (the apparatus proper) with a built-in number 4 oscillator (channel 1) and separate changeable oscillators connected to the apparatus (channel 2) via a flexible cable with plugs.  

2.3. When connecting oscillators No. 1-3, a pulse power flux density of not less than 5 x 10–10 W/cm2 on the surface is ensured. 

2.4. The oscillator impulse frequency is fixed at 4GHz in the first mode and 9 GHz in the second and third modes. 

2.5. The unit is powered by two type LR03/ААА batteries with a rated voltage of 2х1.5V. Continuous working time with new batteries is at least 100 hours. 

2.6. Overall dimensions of the apparatus are not more than 110 x 55 x 30 mm. 

2.7. The weight of the apparatus is no more than 150g. 

3. Configuration  

3.1. The configuration of the apparatus is shown in Table 1. 

Table 1 ItemNameQty 1Apparatus with built-in oscillator1 2Detachable oscillator No. 41 3USB 2.0, A/mini B 5P (length1.0-1.8m) connector cable for detachable oscillator1 4Operating manual1 5Packaging1 

3.2. The changeable detached oscillators shown in Table 2 can also be added to the apparatus. 

Table 2 Oscillator NumberDescription 

No.1Red mark on cover, fixed wavelength in range 7.5 – 6.977 mm 

No.2Green mark on cover, foxed wavelength in range 5.769 – 5.263 mm 

No.3Blue marking on cover, fixed wavelength in the range 5.263 – 4.762mm 

No.4Yellow marking on cover (NOISE) 

No.5Oscillator case has blue marbled guards, oscillator on cable, non-detachable, IR, wavelength in the infrared range 0.7-1.2 μm Note: you may choose which/how many additional oscillators to order. 

 4. Configuration apparatus  

4.1. The apparatus is enclosed in a plastic case containing: an electronic circuit for voltage supply to the solid-state oscillators simultaneously on two channels (1 is built-in, 2 is detached); a built-in oscillator; a battery compartment with two batteries. 

 4.2. Built-in oscillator No. 4 (channel 1) is located in the upper tapering part of the apparatus casing (fig.1). The output and direction of the energy are shown in fig. 2. Direction of energy from the built-in oscillator 

4.3. The USB port for connecting the changeable detached oscillators to channel 2 is located on the lower part of the apparatus casing (fig.1). 

4.4. The detached oscillators come in the form of cylindrical plastic cases which accommodate the solid-state EHF oscillators (fig.3) External view of detached oscillator for the СЕМ ТЕСН 4.5. On the front panel there are two buttons, “Mode” and “Start”, which control the apparatus’s operation and two LEDs indicating its operating mode (fig.1). 

4.5.1. The apparatus has three modes of operation: а)5 min. session (FRI-therapy recording) b)1 min. session (Anti Stress) c) 10 min. session (General/local treatment) 

4.5.2. Pressing the “Mode” button turns on the apparatus and selects the operating mode. On the first press, the apparatus is turned on and LED 1 lights up. This means that mode “a” is selected. With a second press, LED 2 lights up and mode “b” is selected. With a third press, both LEDs light up and mode “c” is selected (fig.4). Display when selecting SPINOR operating mode 

4.5.3. After the mode has been selected, the apparatus is turned on using the “Start” button. 

4.5.4. While the apparatus is operating LED 1 will blink intermittently if no detachable oscillator is connected. If a detachable oscillator is connected, both LEDs will blink. Independently of the oscillators working, the apparatus will emit a soft chirping sound during the course of the session. These light and sound indicators show that the apparatus and oscillators are working properly. 

4.5.5. After the session is complete, the apparatus automatically turns itself off in 10-15 seconds. 

4.5.6. If, after the operating mode has been selected, the “Start” button is not pressed for several seconds, the apparatus automatically turns itself off. 

4.6. The apparatus's information label with its serial number is located on the bottom of the battery compartment (under the batteries). 

 5. Safety Instructions  

5.1. You must be familiar with the current operating manual before operating the apparatus. 

5.2. To protect patients and medical staff from electric shock, the apparatus meets the standards for Type C products with internal power supply under GOST R 50267.0-92. 

5.3. While the apparatus is in operation, you must not expose unprotected eyes to the end of the oscillator that emits energy (with the oscillator at a distance of less than 50 cm from the eyes). Doing so may result in undesirable physiological effects. Caution! The detached oscillator emits energy from the side opposite the side with the color-coded oscillator number (fig. 5).  

6. How to Use the Apparatus 

6.1. Check that the apparatus is functioning. 

6.1.1. Turn on the apparatus by pressing the “Mode” button. When the apparatus is turned on, battery charge is checked and indicated by the LEDs. If the battery charge has been exhausted, the LEDS on the front panel will blink intermittently when the apparatus is turned on. This means that the batteries must be replaced (see. para. 11 "Changing the batteries"). If the battery charge is normal, LED 1 will light up when the apparatus is turned on. 

6.1.2. After apparatus function has been checked, the apparatus will automatically switch itself off in 10-15 seconds if no buttons are pressed. 6.2. Working with the built-in oscillator: 

6.2.1. Before starting the procedure, pick up the apparatus and place it on the patient's skin, directing the working surface of the built-in oscillator towards the area of treatment (fig.6). 

6.3. Working with a detached oscillator: 

6.4. To end a session early, simply press “Start” again. 

 7. Maintenance 

7.1. The operator can check battery charge as described in 6.1. 

7.2. The operator can change the battery as described in 11.

 7.3. The operator can check the functioning of the apparatus and oscillators using the LEDs as described in 4.5.4. 

7.4. The manufacturer recommends carrying out an annual inspection on the EHF energy from the oscillators using the special equipment in the warranty maintenance paragraph. 

 8. Troubleshooting Common problems and their solutions are provided in Table 2. Table 2 ProblemLikely CauseSolutionNote 1Apparatus does not turn onNo batteries in apparatusInsert batteriesIf installation of properly charged batteries does not solve the problem, send the apparatus in for repair. No charge left in batteriesReplace batteries 2When apparatus is turned on, both LEDs blink intermittentlyBatteries lowReplace batteries 3Apparatus is working, but there is no indication that the oscillators are connectedCable physically damagedIf cable is damaged, get a new cableIf no damage is visible, send the apparatus and oscillators in for repair. Do not attempt to repair the apparatus yourself. Oscillator physically damagedIf oscillator is damaged, obtain a new one USB port on apparatus damagedSend apparatus in for repair

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