Bio-Resonance Card

Bio-Resonance Card
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Bio-Resonance Card or Emitter


Thanks to new technologies we have an opportunity to develop the new Bio-resonance card or emitter

The main advantage of the Bio-resonance card along with high efficiency that it is not harmful to the body: the shallow penetration of low energy emission power. In addition, Bio-resonance card implements the core principle of homeopathy - like heals like. Therefore, Bio-resonance card can be called electromagnetic homeopathy.

Numerous studies of the Bio-resonance card have created the prerequisites for the development of this principle, in the form of cards. 

With this we have successfully coped and developed the fallowing Bio-resonance card or emitter

1.    Antistress

Stress - a response of the body to extreme conditions that violate the peace of mind and emotional balance. When stress is prolonged, then the background of a strong stimulation of the nervous system may have migraines, high blood pressure, back pain, diabetes, and impotence.

What is the cause of stress?

 Experts believe that any situation, in which a person reacts to strong emotional stimulation, can cause stress. Keep in mind that stress can cause both positive emotions, such as birth, marriage and negative - job loss, death of a loved one. The situations that trigger stress may be insignificant in nature (a long wait in line or in traffic). 

 This transducer is used for correction of functional state of human ultra weak fields after suffering stress or depression, when the person has borderline state of mind. 

 Prolonged wearing the Bio-resonance card “Antistress” improves cerebral vessels, helps to relive vascular spasms and normalizes sleep and overall health.

 The card is made on the technology that permits the emission to eliminate these destructions.

 Good results are obtained by the combined use with other Bio-resonance card more specifically with cardiovascular and with harmonizer.

2.    Cardiovascular

Helps to stabilize below mentioned conditions

These states include: condition after suffering from ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, rheumatic disease caused by cardiac arrhythmia: tachycardia, moderate, etc. Violations of the vasculature: hypertension, tissue hypoxia, varicose veins, vascular obliteration, impaired lymph drainage. 

3.    Harmonizer

Creates a harmonious field around you and creates tranquility, helps quicker to peace of mind and emotional balance

4.    Obesity 3

Helps to control your diet and lose weight

5.    Helicobacter Pylori-2

Helps to eliminate the bacteria

6.    Papilloma Virus

Helps to eliminate the bacteria

7.    Herpes Simplex-1

Helps to eliminate the bacteria

8.    Herpes Vulgaris-1

Helps to eliminate the bacteria

9.    Herpes Zoster -3

Helps to eliminate the bacteria

10. Genital Herpes

Helps to eliminate the bacteria

11. Lyme Disease

Helps to eliminate Lyme Disease

12. Prostate

Helps to stabilize the enlargement of the Prostate

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