Matrix Thermo Analysis

Thermo-diagnostics is well researched and indispensable diagnostic method. Practically every disease is accompanied by changes in microcirculation and thus, thermo production. Exact measurement of temperature in the right spot is necessary for diagnosing and therapy effectiveness control.

The uniqueness of this method is also expressed in its new look on the problem: basic diagnostic criterion is not absolute temperature, but the relative one, measured in significant (defined) points.

Infra-red thermometry with Matrix Thermo Analysis is reliable and objective method for establishing maximal individual duration of phone conversation, which is especially important for people with vascular disturbances of the brain. Besides, you can objectively show to a smoker what happens in his body even after one smoked cigarette. Our thermometer is also useful for the task of monitoring the health of domestic animals.

Matrix Thermo Analysis for professional and domestic use include in a set with:
Computer software for data entry and interpretation of analysis results

1 Matrix Thermo Medical infra-red thermometer

Printed materials how to use of IR-thermometer and Matrix Thermo Analysis Program

Matrix Thermo Analysis Guide for program installation; one free consultation (by phone, email, Skype) on the possibilities of device’s usage and questions regarding the computer program.

Main advantages of infra-red thermometer are absolute safety (the device receives skin’s radiation, but it does not radiate itself), Accurate and simple temperature measuring in any point of the body and affordable for everyone

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