Matrix Thermo Analysis
Product ID : 800
Infra-red (IR) thermometer Matrix Thermal Analysis reads thermal radiation...
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Face Psychological Analysis
Product ID : 601
Since ancient times, people tried to improve their condition, considering the...
Bio N' Ice
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5 Elements of Energy
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11 modes bio corrector Antisterss+ restoration detoxication Sold Out...
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Matrix Virtu
Product ID : 210
The ornaments as crowns, earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces were...
Bio-Resonance Card
Product ID : Bio-Resonance Card
Thanks to new technologies we have an opportunity to develop the new...
Original 24K Gold RadiSafe anti radiation sticker
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Product ID : Gold RadiSafe anti radiation
Cell phone EMF HARMONIZER & HEAT REDUCWER Protect your ears, brain & body...