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Some advantages with this new approach of so-called cryo-face therapy and light therapy combined by Bio N’ Ice

Nothing makes you younger like ice and light. This "popular" recipe is practical and simple to use

Now cryo-face therapy and light therapy is been actively used in the skin rejuvenation centers to help remove wrinkles, vascular problems, acne complex rejuvenating the face, neck, and chest - so-called cryo-face and light therapy consists of classical, traditional stages of salon care, and the various methods of cryo-therapy.

Cryo-face therapy and light therapy - is a procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance and contour of the face, body, getting rid of cellulite; excess localized fat deposits, improving elasticity, slowing the aging process and aging of skin. The new word in the fight for youth and beauty is Bio N’ Ice.

Perhaps the most modern method of local cryo-therapy is cryo-face and light therapy is not an accident it is called "ice-lifting effect." It is widely used for rejuvenation, wrinkle removal face, eyelids, neck, preventing aging, sagging skin and thighs. This is an excellent remedy for the treatment of cellulite and getting rid of fat


Note: The skin should be cleaned before the procedure and the make-up free.
The finished BIO N'ICE device is used for the treatment as follows:

• The ice crystal is held with one hand; put the LED flush light on
• The first time you use the ice crystal to the skin surface we recommend with slight contact in order to avoid shock effect. Gently glide the ice crystal along the massage lines shown below, while treatment should cover the entire surface of the skin on the face and neck. Especially on the image shown areas require intensive attention during the treatment:

• The application should take a total of about 2 minute. The volume of the crystal is sufficient for a complete up to two applications. Once an ice crystal has been applied, remove the now freed from ice connector from the hand piece and repeat procedure of the production of the ice crystal as described above in the instructions.

• After use, please wipe the face immediately only gently with a soft paper towel to remove excess fluid from the skin surface.

• Place never tumble dry facial skin with a towel completely; otherwise the resulting protective layer of green tea extract or any extract will be removed!

• Separate check the hand piece of the connector with the remaining ice crystal, place the ice crystals back into the silicone mold and set the device back into the freezing chamber of the refrigerator.